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Music is therapy but Jesus is the cure.

You may know me as Abstract Factory but as you can see, my name is Stevie Parris.

Born and raised in the Philadelphia suburbs, I grew up playing, singing, and writing music. When I hit the end of middle school I began to realize that I loved another part of music, production. Ever since then I have been producing and recording music.

When I hit college, I ended up getting a degree in Software Engineering to support myself and my wife. While I've spent the last decade refining my craft as a musician, writer and producer, I've only begun to put myself out into the world since the beginning of 2019.

Speaking of putting myself out there, in 2020 I developed a musical cryptography application/plugin for my friend Ezra called Audio Cipher.

When it comes to music, I am passionate and excited to see the impact it can have on people. Music saves lives, literally.

In a paraphrase of Avatar the Last Airbender: "I believe music can change the world."

How would I describe myself as an artist? Thanks for asking!

Abstract Factory is a musical artist that creates catchy, energetic music that's familiar yet breathes new life; writing lyrics to inspire its audience to think deeper, dream bigger, and to value the humanity in each of us.

As a follower of Jesus Christ, life is equally about the journey and the destination. Each thing we do every day has meaning and is significant in its own way. My perspective is deeply colored by God-given glasses that see humanity's beauty, brokeness, and hope for restoration. I have a mission laid before me: to let my music act as a therapy to people. My dream is that along the way, some also see that Jesus is the cure. I also aspire to working with other people in that mission, whether it's by producing them, collaborating with them, or just encouraging them in what they're already doing.

So that's me: a highly motivated, nerdy, music loving, God fearing, producing, writing, performing, video editing creative mastermind always looking for the next project. Make sure to check out the albums tab to see what I've created! If you want to, feel free to shoot me an email @ whatever email is listed on my contact page. I promise not to ignore you. Hopefully we can do incredible things together.

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